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Avoke, UEW Governing Council, and Chairman are being hampered by certain factors.

The University of Education, Winneba reports that the Vice-Chancellor Dr Mawutor Avoke-led new administration has been the target of many petitions and restraining orders intended to prevent it from effectively managing the university.

Nana Ofori Ansah III, the chairman of the council, claims that individuals working for the university continue to spread false information about the chairman, vice chancellor, and management team while posing as concerned employees.

He mentioned that some people have turned to the legal system for straightforward administrative issues while others use surrogates, who frequently have no connection to the university, to obstruct academic activity.

Council chairman Nana Ofori Ansah told Citi News on the eve of the 27th congregation of the university that the university is prepared to provide a hand of friendship to anyone who feels wronged in order to help things be resolved.

“Since taking office, we have received numerous petitions from all areas of the university community. In response, council established a reconciliation committee, headed by a labor expert who serves as an ILO labor consultant, to hear the petitions and make recommendations. The committee has since completed its work, and I dare say that they did an excellent job that has reduced tensions in the university.

“Unfortunately, not everyone is still pleased with the administration’s efforts to bring about change. Some individuals within the institution, posing as worried workers, continue to spread untrue rumors about the council, particularly the chairman and his management team.

Some are turning to the courts for straightforward administrative matters, while others are employing surrogates—the majority of whom have no connection to this university—in an effort to thwart any reasonable management action, according to Nana Ofori Ansah III.

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