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Commonwealth Hall JCR Executives are placed on three-year suspensions by UG.

Management claims that the students “planned or enabled the organization” of a number of meetings at Commonwealth Hall’s JCR, which served as a forum for the delivery and dissemination of “false, careless, and defamatory comments against senior officers of the institution.”

The Vice Chancellor’s office, the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs), and the university as a whole are among the senior officers of the university who have been negatively impacted by these false assertions.

The former JCR Executives of the Commonwealth Hall were suspended after the Disciplinary Board for Junior Members established a case of misconduct against them in accordance with the University of Ghana Statutes 2011 (as amended) and the University of Ghana Regulations for Junior Members, 2017, following a complaint made against the affected students.

Sanction note

The University of Ghana Statutes 2011 (as modified), Regulations 7.11(c)(xiv) and (xv), and (f)(ii) and (iii) of the University of Ghana Regulations for Junior Members, 2017, were also broken by the students’ behaviour, according to the Disciplinary Committee.

In accordance with Section 45(g) of the University of Ghana’s 2011 Statutes (as modified), the students have each received a three-year academic suspension from the institution.

The students are Daniel Odoi Nyarko (Secretary), Bright Gati (Vice President), Paul Anim Inkoom (President), and Daniel Kofi Boakye (President-elect) (Treasurer).

In the meantime, university students have been asked to familiarize themselves with the university’s statutes to prevent breaking them.

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