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Student Loans for Abroad studies

Funding for your desired study abroad goals, MPOWER believe in your future potential, so loans don’t demand a cosigner or collateral.

Loan determined by Your potential income

With a loan from MPOWER, you can easily and affordably pay for your education on your own. Due to the fact that they never ask for a cosigner or security, our loans promote your independence.

Who may receive funding?

If you are, then you might be qualified for an MPOWER student loan.

  1. a graduate or undergraduate student who has two years left till graduation or who is starting a one- or two-year program.
    2. a foreign student, a DACA participant, a citizen of the United States, a refugee, or an asylum seeker.
    3. enrolled in or admitted to one of our more than 400 Canadian or American accredited institutions.

Loan Terms

Beyond just money, MPOWER student loans offer advantages to all kinds of students:

  1. Pay nothing up to your first interest-only loan payment and no upfront costs.
    2. Funding for schools in the United States up to 100% of educational costs, including living costs.
    3. By paying bills on time, you can develop your American credit history, get career assistance, and support with your visa.

visit MPOWER to apply or get started with the loan application for your dream school

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