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5 people died after eating waakye, very sad

According to reports, five persons passed away after consuming a dinner of waakye, or rice and beans, that they had purchased at a restaurant at Oyibi Bush Canteen Junction in Accra.

According to reports, some 40 people were impacted, and five of them, including a pregnant woman and a lotto vendor, passed away.

After consuming the meal on last Friday, the victims, which included the waakye vendor known as Yellow Sisi and some of her family members, were taken to Valley View Hospital, Oyibi Hospital, Dodowa Hospital, and other institutions after they complained of severe stomach aches.

One of the more well-known eating establishments at Oyibi Bush Canteen is thought to be the Yellow Sisi Waakye restaurant.

Food joint

The kiosk was shut and the establishment was quiet when the Daily Graphic team arrived.

Since it is assumed that the shop owners who also ate at the restaurant that day and had the adverse effects were also stated to be undergoing treatment in a hospital, a few of the nearby businesses were also shut down.

Confirmation, investigation

A number of patients were transported to the hospital in critical condition, but “as of today, all the patients have been discharged+,” an official stated, when the Daily Graphic followed up with Valley View Hospital to get confirmation of the incident.

The Valley View

The number of persons who might have been impacted could not be accurately estimated by hospital officials, who could only say that the data had been sent to the Kpone Katamanso District Hospital for additional research to determine the root of the issue.

Officials at the district hospital acknowledged the report, but they added that additional medical testing was being done to see whether the patients had food poisoning or anything else.

Dr. Esther Danquah from the district hospital stated that “as of right now, some other people are still visiting the hospital and, consequently, until all the necessary laboratory tests are completed, we cannot give specific data on the number of people who have been affected or whether it was actually a case of food poisoning.”

Victims’ narration

One of the victims identified as Justice Ankomah claimed that while he initially experienced stomach pain and later on, diarrhoea, he did not think it was “a huge deal” and instead took some medication to treat himself.

However, he emphasized that three other locals who ran businesses nearby and frequently visited the waakye also fell ill and had to be hospitalized to the hospital; as a result, they had not been able to open their stores since last Friday.

One of the deceased’s wives, who only gave her husband’s name as Kennedy to the Daily Graphic, revealed that her husband passed away last Monday at the St. John’s Hospital in Amrahia after being transported there after complaining of stomach pain and diarrhea.

He first complained of feeling sick on Friday, but we assumed it was nothing unusual. Later, when things got worse, we hurried him to the hospital, but he didn’t make it, the widow revealed.

Later, she claimed, they learned that numerous additional individuals had also been impacted and were being treated at various local hospitals.

Kennedy’s family members were seen investigating the situation at the Oyibi Police Station.

However, they declined to discuss the issue with the Daily Graphic because they said the police were looking into it.

Despite receiving confirmation that a case of food poisoning had been recorded there, the police at the Oyibi Police Station neglected to inform the Daily Graphic team about the incident and instead advised them to contact police headquarters for more details.

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