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Ras Nene in deep crisis: 80k lost and got arrested

It’s hard to believe Ras Nene had a troubled past given how much joy he spreads through his skits.

The well-known YouTube sketch creator has discussed the obstacles he had to overcome in order to succeed.

The junior high school dropout, Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, claims he tried several trades after finishing school but to no avail.

After peddling drugs on the streets and a brief non-lucrative stint in the movie industry, he decided to venture into small-scale mining (galamsey).

The comedic actor claims that he traveled to Bole Bamboi in the Savannah Region with an amount of 70,000 when he appeared on The Delay Show.
In the region known as Sampa, he claimed to have acquired a plot of land, some tools, and begun mining for the valuable mineral.
His early investment started to pay off.
I made 40,000 on my first try, so I was thrilled,” he continued.

But after that dividend, the company’s performance plummeted.

“After earning that $40,000, things deteriorated, but I remained resolute. I disregarded a coworker’s advice to seek out spiritualists for powers. I was left struggling, while he pushed through and succeeded in his profession,” he recalled.

Ras found some gold reserves just as he was about to give up on the business, indicating that the area had potential.

He “called a friend of mine and sought for a 50,000 loan,” in addition.

He told Delay, “Unfortunately, everything went down the drain.

Dr. Likee, as he is often called, was so impoverished that he lacked even the funds to pay for his return trip to the Ashanti Region. He claimed that at this point, the majority of his friends and family had abandoned him.

He revealed that a preacher by the name of Penamang offered him $70 for travel. But his problems were far from over.

One of Ras Nene’s close pals alerted his creditor about his coming, who then reported him to the police and had him imprisoned.

He spent an additional three days in detention as a result. After being freed, he made the decision to turn to God for a change in his life.

“I later learned that the man had declared he had pardoned me. After that, I got released.

Ras Nene is currently one of Ghana’s most successful skit creators, earning enormous sums of money from his amusing YouTube films.

View the complete video below:

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