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Prevention of Urinary Track Infection

Lower urinary tract infections almost never result in problems when immediately and effectively treated. However, if addressed, UTIs can result in major health issues.


Repeated infections are when you experience two or more UTIs in a period of six months or three or more in a 12-month period. Repeated infections are especially common in women.

Damage to the kidneys that cannot be repaired because of an untreated UTI.
delivering a child that is underweight or early because of a pregnancy-related UTI.

A urethra that is constricted in men as a result of recurrent urethral infections.
Sepsis, a potentially fatal infection-related consequence. This is a possibility, especially if the infection progresses to the kidney through the urinary tract.


Especially water, drink a lot of liquids. Urine can be diluted by drinking water. As a result, you urinate more frequently, which enables you to wash bacteria out of your urinary tract before an illness develops.
Consider cranberry juice. Studies examining the possibility that cranberry juice shields against UTIs are preliminary. But cranberry juice consumption is probably safe.

From front to back, wipe. Do this following a bowel movement and a urination. It aids in limiting the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the urethra and vagina.
In the hours following sex, empty your bladder. Additionally, chug a full glass of water to help wash away microorganisms.

Avoid feminine items that can irritate you. They can irritate the urethra when used in the genital area. Sprays, powders, and douches are some of these products.
Change the way you birth control. Bacterial growth may be facilitated by diaphragms, unlubricated condoms, or condoms coated with spermicide.

Read the causes and risk factor of UTI to minimize the spread

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